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Though now known primarily as an opera singer, David continues to work in other musical genres as a performer, producer, and director. He is the regular bassist for Cor.ece (as well as music director…and plays guitar/piano when needed), the bassist for Christina Lyon (while also recording organ and piano for her most recent E.P.), has multiple exciting projects in the works as a producer around the country, and is continually creating as a composer.


As a guitarist and , David regularly records his own music, as well as writes music with others. Though he still plays regularly (fun fact: guitar was David's first instrument at 4 years old), the performance schedule of his other disciplines allows for only the occasional outing and no long-term commitments as a guitarist, though it is an instrument he still teaches regularly.


Recording projects in 2018 included playing piano for a family gospel trio for a film recording (after a mutually enjoyable experience, they are discussing further collaboration), and

singing on commercial recording projects, most recently “The Killing Place”, a collection of murder ballads by the original creators of “REPO: the genetic opera".

Below is a 5 minute clip of a live performance in Los Angles, CA on August 19th, 2018:

COR.ECE and the Gathered

COR.ECE - vocals, songwriter

CB - backup vocals  //  JQ - keys  //  Eric James - guitar

David Hobbs - bass, music director  //  Zeth Marra - drums